Depending on personal preference and the condition of the wood we can restore or replace the current stops. If replacement of the stops is needed we can replace with a new style of trim or replicate the current stops with custom milled boards to match the existing detail.


Parting beads separate the top and bottom sashes and form a track to help guide the sashes up and down. Replacement of the parting bead entails custom cut bead stock to fit your particular window. A typical parting bead replacement is made of mahogany bead stock and is included in some of our package plans. This may also be requested as an option add on for those who select less extensive plans but still wish to have this dome.


Sash cords are the rope or chain that you see on both the left and right side of your windows. Sash cords are one of the components more likely to break. You may have encountered these before and noticed that the cord was snapped in half and the window was more difficult to open than one would expect. These are part of the windows counterweight system which allows the window to open and close as well as hold its position open/closed. These are commonly made of white cotton rope or bronze chain but can be requested in an array of colors or materials. We replace the rope with most restoration plans and as an individual service per request.


If your windows have broken glass panes or have an undesirable style of glass we can replace it. The old glass would be removed along with the mutin being cleaned of all old glazing and pins. The new glass would then be installed and reglazed to fit.


When glass is installed in old windows it typically is held in by pins and a putty glaze that hardens to hold the pane in place. This putty is known to deteriorate over time leading to loose glass and rattling panes. Depending on the condition of the glaze we can perform and full or partial reglaze. A partial reglaze is when the current glaze has some sore points but can be saved by repairing in the most damaged areas. Full reglazing requires the full removal of the glass and the full cleaning and replacement of the old glaze.


Rotted or damaged wood is carved/cut out and treated with various epoxys, fills, and hardeners applied, sanded, and prepared for primer and paint. Loose corners and joints are rebuilt. Wood that isn’t beyond rapport can be custom milled to match and reinstalled among the original wood works.


Interior sills are lightly sanded, primed and painted. Exterior sills are scraped and prepared using special scraping tools designed to remove damaged wood. The remaining wood from the original sills is usually from old growth lumber that is much better than anything available today. This original sill will be treated with various epoxies and fills, sanded till ready for primer and paint.


All painting is performed on site. We typically use Benjamin moore paints but can use others upon request. All stain and Paint colors are chosen by the customer.


Optional hardware replacement or add ons are available. We can replace or add locks, finger lifts, pulleys, sash chains, weatherstippiung and more.


Pulleys are what allow the rope to move the weights up and down as a main component of the counterweight system in your wood windows. These can sometimes be damaged from water or excessive wear. These can usually be repaired with proper inspection, lubrication and paint but can sometimes require a pulley replacement which is available with refurbished pulleys.


Typically these are installed as a standard part of a detailed restoration. These are installed where the sashes meet in the middle of the window and on the top and bottom sashes. A small dado is cut into the meeting rail as well as the top and bottom sashes where a silicone strip “silicone bulb” is installed to better insulate, limit drafts and allow for noise canceling qualities.


Part of all upper packages weather stripping is a key component of making these historic windows a sustainable option. The install of weather stripping allows for the prevention of air and climate related pressures to penetrate the window into the home. The main goal of weatherstripping is to maintain proper and sustainable energy efficiency with old windows. This will also aid in keeping the window tight to its frame limiting unwanted movement.


Disclosure: historic window restoration should be preformed by an experienced professional. Improper installation, adjustment, alteration, service or maintenance can cause property damage, personal injury, or death. Installation and service should be performed by a qualified installer or service agency. The use of  proper Personal protective equipment must be used including the use of HEPA filters, proper ventilation and lead safe equipment. Our team puts top priory on the safety of the work environment and the care of your home. When any restoration is performed, we take all necessary steps to ensure the safe handling of all situations.