Full restoration extends past repairing basic functionality bringing the windows to a like new quality. Full restoration includes fixing not just the basic function but repairing the years of rot, damage and ware, while enhancing the beautiful astetics, increasing energy efficiency and more. This option is best for those hoping to make these old windows even better than the day they were installed. 


Our historic window services begin with basic rehabilitation to restore operability, replace broken glazing, and performing certain repairs. Full restoration services can extend beyond this.


Raven Historic Window Restoration makes replacement sashes and parts, including for weight and chain windows.
We can replicate your existing wooden historic windows down to the last detail, and make them better than brand new using insulated glass, with wavy restorer glass as an option to faithfully maintain the character of the original windows.


Raven Historic Window Restoration  can take your existing broken glass and replace it to match the way it was. Or if you wish to use our restover glass and double it to create an insulated glass unit ,you gain additional thermal values to your windows and doors.

Our glazing service always includes our comprehensive draft sealing in order to prevent cold air, dust, and dirt from entering your home while allowing the heat to be retained indoors.


Proper weatherstripping reduces air leaks around windows and doors
Weatherstripping addresses the need to separate interior living space from exterior conditions with materials that are durable, waterproof, well-insulated and as airtight as possible. Having the right weatherstripping around your windows and doors can make a big impact on your home’s comfort and energy efficiency.
Raven can inspect your house and determine its weatherstripping needs. We install a variety of weatherstripping options to ensure that your home is as efficient as possible. Contact us and start saving money today!


At Raven we can install a variety of storm windows. With color options, sizes, styles and more we can work closely with you to find the best option to meet you and your homes needs!

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